Elementary & Primary Teaching Resources


When students have a true sense of worth, belonging and unity, the stage is set for them to reach their full potential. Get the right foundations for learning in place and the hearts and souls that make up a school will inevitably bring it to life.


Empowering students to take ownership of their own learning is the key to success. And, embracing a metacognitive approach will inevitably produce lifelong learners.

Planet Castor's
the catalyst for Planet Castor coming to fruition.

Editable PowerPoint Templates that ensure planning has meaning for both teacher and learner - incorporating all elements synonymous with outstanding teaching.


An interface for material that you possess and content from our Resource Toolkits to be easily transferred onto.


Canvases that ensure planning is efficient and takes place at the most optimum time: during live teaching!


All feedback impinges on learning. How teachers present this feedback is of paramount importance.


Our inclusive approach empowers all students to take part in the processes, and from this they will gain confidence in what they are expected to learn!

Planet Castor's
showcasing PSHE, Mathematic, Language, Science and a UK National Award Winning Topic learning journey

Learning journeys consistently presented purposefully and efficiently.


A series of lessons casted onto our Signature Planning Canvases using the wealth of materials contained in our Resource Toolkit.


National Award Winning Learning Intentions waiting to be simulated in your classroom today!


Great educators make great connections with their students and learning outcomes! Joining these jigsaw pieces together with a thematic approach will produce that perfect scene.


Literacy is the foundation of all learning. The more exposure students have to language the more poetic their motions will become.

Teach - IT
Planet Castor's
created by teachers for teachers

Teaching and Learning Resources empowering learners to take greater ownership of learning.


A wealth of Editable, Printable and Transferable Resources, ranging from: Display, Information, Planning Tools, Worksheets and Lesson Exemplars.


Resources inspired by educational research and pedagogy!


Mathematics is evident in every walk of life; and, if students are fluent, resilient and proficient in mathematics they will be able to take full advantage of all opportunities that they are presented with, now and in the foreseeable future.


Our future world will be built from today’s sciences. This perfect medium for nurturing inquisitive minds will create awe and wonder moments that are never forgotten.

Assess - IT
Planet Castor's
the heart and soul of Planet Castor

An innovative approach towards teaching and learning born from twenty passionate years in the classroom.


A user-friendly interface displaying a wealth of resources.


Pedagogy to give teachers an insight into the heart and soul of Planet Castor’s Creators!


Supported teachers have more time and energy to connect with the hearts and souls of their classroom. Access to resources that can be tailored to your learners’ needs will go a long way towards achieving this.

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Planning Canvas Toolkit

Learning journeys waiting to be presented to your learners.

Activities that demonstrate some of Planet Castor's wealth of materials.
Planning that has meaning for both teachers AND learners.
A complete set of planning canvas templates all built into the familiar Powerpoint interface.

Planet Castor’s Signature Canvases: the catalyst for Planet Castor coming to fruition.

Planning canvas templates that enable learning journeys to be efficiently and consistently brought to life during the planning, delivery and reflection stages of every lesson.
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Exemplar Toolkit

✦ Learning journeys presented consistently, purposefully and efficiently.

Lessons casted onto our signature planning canvases.

 A national award winning journey waiting to be simulated in your classroom today!

Planet Castor’s Exemplars: showcasing PSHE, Mathematics, Language, Science and a UK National Award Winning Topic learning journey.

Our planning canvases are the PERFECT vehicle for PRESENTING outstanding learning journeys CONSISTENTLY!


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Resource Toolkit

Resources waiting to be presented to your learners.

Versatile materials that enable teachers to efficiently use resources before, during & after lessons.

Resources that have meaning for both teachers AND learners.

Over 360+ resources all built into the familiar Powerpoint interface.

Planet Castor’s Resources: created by teachers for teachers.

Innovative teaching and learning resources created by teachers for teachers - all inspired by research and pedagogy! With NINE planets to explore, you can be sure to find a WEALTH of material to present to your SHINING learners TODAY!

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Pedagogical Toolkit

An efficient interface that ensure all inspirations can be accessed in a matter of clicks.

Tutorials and anecdotes that provoke & challenge educator's thinking.

Inspired by educational research and over 20 years of teaching - PASSIONATELY!

Planet Castor’s Pedagogy: the heart and soul of Planet Castor.

An inspiring journey into the heart and soul of Planet Castor that ensures the growth of all learners is take care of!